Forest Mediation

a better way to sort things out after

divorce or separation

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"Thank you so much for your helpful mediation, for your patience and for your kind attention in dealing with the various issues of our finances"

"We have nothing but praise and thanks for your service"

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What is mediation?

Separating or divorcing can be a difficult time.  After making the decision to separate, mediation is a way for you and your ex partner to sort out, together, what should happen with your finances, property and other assets, and make workable arrangements for your children, giving you the freedom to move on with your life. Mediation is a totally private and confidential process. Mediators are impartial and don't take sides, they simply help you to focus on what you both need and can afford, and if children are involved, they help you to decide what would be best for them.  


So you won't have to spend time in the future dealing with the same problems.