Helping you to solve problems when you divorce or separate

Initially, I will see you and your ex separately. The meeting is online using Zoom, facetime or WhatsApp video, at a time to suit you.


This first meeting is known at the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and it gives the mediator the opportunity to find out from each of you what needs sorting out and what each individual's point of view is.  

After this, online joint sessions are arranged. Each session lasts for up to 2 hours and I will let you know what to have with you.


Mediation usually takes between 2-4 sessions. I will let you know after the MIAM how many sessions I think that you will need.


If you are coming to sort out finances, I will ask you and your ex to share details of all assets, to aid the process of financial disclosure.  I will help you both to negotiate to reach the best and most affordable solution.

I will help you discuss the right arrangements for your children, taking into account their needs and ages. Parents often wish to discuss co-parenting plans that will help their children to feel stable and secure.

I will write up any agreements or propsoals that you make together and ensure that you each receive a copy. You may then wish to have those documents drawn up into a legal document, for example, a consent order, if you are sorting out finances on divorce.